What Happens When You Take Your Shoe Off For A Night of Dance

What Happens When You Take Your Shoe Off For A Night of Dance

It may be a bit early for dance, but it’s still happening.

You might think you’ve got your heart set on making your own dance, or at least putting on a show for the crowd.

But that’s not quite what happens when you walk out the door at the Infinity Dance Studio in San Francisco.

The venue is an intimate, high-tech dance studio in the heart of Mission District, where it’s possible to find a mix of artists, mixers and DJs.

If you’re new to the scene, the dance floor is a collection of high-end machines with speakers that can turn any song into a dance performance, a mix that’s been dubbed “infinity.”

“It’s not about dancing for a dollar, it’s about getting something that’s unique to your audience and being able to create something that feels like you’re in a dance studio,” Infinity director David Leung told me.

“That’s the fun about it, and I think that’s why it’s so unique.”

The dance floor isn’t just about DJs and producers, though.

It’s also about mixing and mashing sounds to create a soundscape that feels more than just dance music.

“What we do is not really dance music, it just kind of mixes together things that are a bit different,” Infinity co-founder and co-owner Matthew Chiang said.

“It doesn’t have to be a dance song, it can be any genre.

It could be pop or hip hop, and we have that flexibility.

We have a lot of genres of music that we can mix together.”

That flexibility has led to some exciting collaborations between artists, too.

In addition to mixing songs from dance-oriented hip hop labels like Jazzy Jeff and The Roots, Infinity has worked with artists like DJ Snake, who mixed a mix for the hip hop duo Mellow Herb.

“There are people who have a real interest in mixing and have a love for dance music,” Chiang told me, “and they just like to bring it to the stage and let it happen.”

Infinity is not your run-of-the-mill dance club, either.

The studio, located at 6th and Mission, is in an area called the “hipster bubble” that is filled with art galleries and boutiques.

It has its own rooftop bar and even has a DJ booth in the front, though there’s no dancing to be seen.

But the vibes and sounds of dance are not just a cool thing to do in San Franciscos hipster bubble.

It also happens in the world of art, with artists working in the industry and taking it in a completely different direction.

“We try to create this space where we can all get together and feel free to mix, mix, and mix and mix,” Chia said.

It is a mix and mash environment that has helped to create an eclectic music scene in San Jose, which Chiang credits as a big part of his success.

It allows artists to mix together sounds that aren’t necessarily dance-based.

And, like Chiang, it has brought in artists from around the world.

“People that have been around this scene for a long time like myself, we have a huge amount of respect for what these artists are doing,” Chian said.

That’s what led to Chiang starting Infinity with the help of his friend, a DJ from India, Rajesh Sharma, who has been a long-time collaborator of Chiang’s.

“Rajesh Sharma came on board and he was like, ‘I’d like to be involved,'” Chiang recalled.

“He had a passion for the world music scene and wanted to do something for this community.

And I had this passion for dance.”

So, Chiang got together with Sharma to bring Infinity to the world in a new way.

They began work on an event called the Infinity Festival, which is currently in its first year of being held every August.

The Infinity Festival is a big deal in San José because it brings together artists from across the country and even the world to share ideas, collaborate, and dance.

And it’s been a success.

According to Chian, the Infinity festival has become a place where people can come and dance, and he is thankful to Sharma for the opportunity.

“For him to help bring Infinity into the world and to help create this incredible community, he is a true hero,” Chih said.

The event has become so popular that it is taking place every year in August, meaning it’s already been held every year for two years.

That, Chiamin said, is a huge testament to the talent and passion of the people who come to Infinity.

“I think it is a great event because the artists can come together and mix the music together and have the festival go on for hours,” Chiamini said.

Infinity is a celebration of art and music

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