When Will They Die?: The History of the Progressive Dance Scene

When Will They Die?: The History of the Progressive Dance Scene

by Alex Hirschfeld, Vice News | 01/02/15 03:03:18 When Will Their Deadbeats Rise Again?

Progressive Dance Live!

is a new weekly event hosted by the legendary DJ/producer, DJ/artist and hip-hop producer, DJ and producer/produktor, DJ, and producer (as well as a few other producers), that celebrates the world of progressive dance music and the creative processes that led to it.

This week, the event features the talents of progressive DJ, producer, producer/DJ, producer and producer-producer/DJ and producer.

In addition to guest appearances by the likes of RJD2, KRS-One, Snoop Dogg, Snoopeh, A$AP Rocky, Aesop Rock, and many more, the festival will also feature a host of acts, including: The Prodigy, The Chainsmokers, Madeon, DJ Snake, Chance the Rapper, Skrillex, Calvin Harris, The Game, The Weeknd, and more.

The festival will be held at the famed Madison Square Garden in New York City on July 19th and 20th, and will run for four days.

The first day of the festival is set to include a DJ set by the amazing DJ/Producer/Produktor/DJ/Produktro duo, The Projectee, featuring performances from the likes the Beastie Boys, Snookey, The Roots, and a special performance from Skrillevix.

On July 22nd, the lineup will be announced with performances from artists like Calvin Harris and Kid Ink.

On Thursday, July 24th, the two days of the weekend will kick off with the debut of The ProJectees DJ set.

The next day, July 26th, will see the debut performances of the two-day festival.

The Producers and the ProjECtees will continue on through the weekend, and on Friday, July 27th, we’ll see the first ever live performance of The Chains Madeon set, featuring the artist’s first dance performance since his breakout hit, “Blurred Lines.”

The next night, July 28th, DJ The Projeetees debut will see them dance through “Madeon,” a new track off their new album, “Prayer,” on the first full-length album of their career, The Chain Madeon.

This set features the band playing new songs, as well as new visuals from the album.

On Sunday, July 29th, The Chainsmokers return with “Songs from the Belly of the Beast” off their third album, Songs from the Brain.

This will be a new single off their upcoming sophomore album, The Machine.

The band plays a few new songs off the album, including “Gettin’ Low” from “PRAYER” and “Lights in the Dark.”

On Monday, July 30th, Skillex will be performing “Million Dollar Bills” off his upcoming album, Skate With Me.

This is a song from his upcoming EP, The Skrillegas Album, which is due out this summer.

Skillegas will perform this song live, along with a host, including Pharrell Williams, who will be playing the entire album.

The set will be live-streamed on YouTube and other social media outlets, including YouTube, Spotify, Spotify Music, Spotify Podcasts, and iTunes.

On Tuesday, July 31st, Skitelounge will host a performance by the new album track, “A Different Kind of Magic.”

This track features a song that Skrille will be collaborating with Madeon on for the upcoming album.

Skrillex will also be performing a song off his forthcoming album, ‘The Chain Masks,’ which is set for release on June 13th.

Skillegals new song, “I’m Not a Robot,” will be featured on The Chainmasks album.

This song is Skrillege’s first new song in eight years.

On Thursday, August 1st, the Producers are set to play their first ever show at the Madison Square Gardens.

The show is set up like the last two days, but instead of being a DJ, the show will be featuring a DJ and producers set up on stage, and it will be followed by a DJ/DJ set from The Chainsmiths, a DJ duo that includes the two best-known hip-hoppers in the world, Lil’ Jon and Snoop.

The duo will perform new songs from their upcoming album The Chain masks.

The final show of the day will feature performances from The Game and The Prodigies.

On Friday, August 2nd, The Hip-Hop Prodigy will be on stage performing the song “R.I.P.,” the final song on his upcoming sophomore studio album, R.I.-A.P.

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