What do you want Lana Del Rey to dance to?

What do you want Lana Del Rey to dance to?

A few weeks ago, Lana Del Rio opened up about her personal life.

“I feel like I’m a really, really lonely person,” she told Diane Sawyer.

Now, we can finally reveal what Del Rio’s favorite dance music tracks are, and it’s not from a dance studio. “

As she shared, it’s been an experience that has made her one of the most influential women in the world.

Now, we can finally reveal what Del Rio’s favorite dance music tracks are, and it’s not from a dance studio.

She has been listening to some of the best dance music ever made, which include Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Drake, Rihanna, and Kendrick Lamar.

“She really listens to everything. “

Lana’s a great artist,” Rubin said.

“She really listens to everything.

She loves to create new music and she has such an amazing sense of imagination and she’s really, super creative.

She’s one of those artists that, in a way, has been around forever.

She is one of my favorites.”

The tracklist is a big surprise.

Del Rio has been working with some of today’s biggest names, including Drake, Justin Timberlake, and Bruno Mars, but there’s no indication that Del Rio is one-tenth of the artists in their genre.

“That’s not the case,” Rubin told us.

“Her music has a really eclectic and different taste.

She does so many different things with it.”

Rubin also told us that Del Rey’s music is the inspiration for some of her songs, and he was very excited about the collaboration.

“We actually made a song called ‘She’s Not There,’ which is one thing we always talk about with Lana Del Rosario,” Rubin explained.

“The song was really about her being there for a lot of her friends, and so we just thought, ‘If you could write a song about her, would you be like, ‘Yes!’?”

“That’s Lana Del RIO,” he added.

“It was really a fun song, and I loved the fact that it was a little bit different from a lot the music she’s been making.”

While we can’t be sure exactly what Del Rio’s music will sound like, it sounds like there are a few big tracks on the album.

“Every track has a different flavor to it,” Rubin added.

“She’s the only person who can create a song and you can see that,” said Del Rio.

“You can hear all the different layers of that song.

She sounds like her real voice, but she also has this beautiful, soft, sexy voice.

I love it.”

Lana Del Rio on the dancefloor

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