DREAMCAST: Dreamcast Pro Tools 11 and DSP Studio 2

DREAMCAST: Dreamcast Pro Tools 11 and DSP Studio 2

The new Pro Tools DSP plugin features a new workflow, so the developers added a new way to control playback speed and how fast the plugins’ effects can change. 

“We’ve got a new playback speed setting that you can set to either -1 or -1.5,” developer Scott Lopatkin said in a developer blog post.

“When you play, you can choose how fast you want the effects to play.

You can also change the speed and amount of effect change, which is great for things like bass and treble, and it’s really good for making sound decisions, like adjusting how much or how little the drums kick or how much the bass and strings bounce.”

You can also choose whether the effects are fully synchronized, which lets you change the sound at the same time as the song’s bass or the drum sounds, and what is known as a sync, which allows the same effects to be played at different times.

“If you want to play a sample and then the sample plays in a different tempo, you’ll want to turn on sync,” Lopatskin said.

“So if you want a sample to play faster than your bass will, turn on the bass sync.

If you want it to play slower, turn off the bass.

If the sample’s just playing in its own speed, turn it on the sync.”

As you can see in the image below, the DSP Pro Tools plugin now also has a built-in mixer and effect browser, which means you can use it to select the correct effect, change the tempo of the effect, or adjust the amount of delay.

Lopatskins said that while the plugin was designed to allow you to adjust the effects speed, he didn’t want to call the plugins mixer.

“I didn’t think about it,” he said.

Instead, Lopatoks said the Pro Tools team decided to make the plugin’s interface simpler by adding a new panel called the D-Pad, which will allow you control the speed of the effects, which can be a little tricky. 

Lopatkins said the Dpad panel is “just the top bar of the D Studio settings panel.”

“When you turn the slider on it goes to the D Pro Tools settings panel,” he explained.

“You can control the delay, the volume, and the bit rate.”

Lopatinks said that the DPad panel will be similar to the “mixer” panel on the DJI Inspire 1, which was a great addition to DJI’s DJI X, but wasn’t the easiest way to use.

“The D-pad is just the top panel of the DJIs settings panel, and you can change the amount and speed of effects you want,” Loper said. 

In terms of the Pro 1’s D-pads, Loper confirmed that they’ll work on the Inspire 2.

“It’s going to work on Inspire 3 and the Inspires 4.

You’ll see in your settings,” LOPATINSK said.

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