Video game composer says he’s a man who is ‘a little bit’ afraid of dying

Video game composer says he’s a man who is ‘a little bit’ afraid of dying

By JOSHUA PIZZA and RON WILSONAssociated PressAssociated Press – AUGUST 24, 2017WASHINGTON (AP) Video game music composer Aaron Kaplan has a new love story with a young woman in the audience of his concert: a woman who is afraid of death.

Kaplan’s newest song, “Don’t Look Down,” is a celebration of life in the age of smartphones.

It was written with his wife, actress Rebecca Kaplan, and a friend, music writer Nick Kroll, and premiered at the 2018 Grammy Awards.

It was nominated for a Grammy Award in the Country Album category.

Kroll told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he is worried about Kaplan’s health.

He said the couple was not expecting Kaplan to have the heart attack that killed him.

“Aaron has an extraordinary talent for music,” Kroll said.

“He writes the best music he’s ever written, and I’m really happy for him.

It’s just a really sad thing to hear.”

Kaplan, 42, said he wrote the song to honor his wife and daughter, who died in August.

He has not released the song.

Krol said Kaplan’s mother, a nurse, was worried about him after Kaplan was admitted to the hospital in January 2018 for a heart attack.

“She didn’t really want to be told what to do,” Krol said.

Kaplan said his song is about being able to say yes to life.

“It’s just so beautiful,” he said.

“The song is so beautiful to me because I feel like I’ve been in that same situation, but I have so much control over the things that I can do.

And I know it can be really hard.

But if I do it, I can live.

I can go to my best friend and say, ‘I’m going to go on this trip, and we’re going to do it all together.’

And I’m going.

It will be OK.”

Kaplans daughter, Jessica Kaplan, wrote the other lyrics.

“My daughter was just so cute.

She was so sweet and loving,” Kaplan said.

The two are expecting a baby girl in October.

“I feel like this song is a reminder that you can love somebody just as much as you love yourself,” he added.

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