How to get free gigs in India

How to get free gigs in India

Dancers are being told they have to pay for a studio and dance floor in the city to earn money.

A government move to shut down dance studios and other dance businesses is making it difficult for people to earn enough money to buy clothes and other basic essentials.

The move came after some cities introduced a cap on the number of studios allowed in the capital.

New Delhi had banned studios in January.

“We are not being allowed to open a dance studio in any part of the city and we have asked our employees to close the dance studios in the evening,” said Sreenivasan, who runs a dance company in an upscale area of the capital’s south-east.

He said his business had to pay Rs 1,000 to rent a studio for about 50 dancers.

“It’s not fair.

You have to be in the middle of the night.

There is no other choice,” he said.

Dancers in New Delhi’s famous Kota Market have been told to close their dance studios.

India’s top dance studio owners have said they are losing money as a result of the cap on dance studios, with a few losing up to 50% of their revenue.

Many dance studios are run by people who have never danced before.

The move has created a scramble among dancers in some parts of the country, where there are only about 10 dance studios open.

In the state of Andhra Pradesh, where many dance studios have shut, the government has said it will allow dance studios to reopen.

However, the state government said it was not making any decision on the issue.

Several dance studios across India closed down in 2016 after the government imposed a strict cap on them, limiting their number of people.

Catch up on the most recent news from India’s dance industry here.

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