How to dance to your soul – Live: The Life and Music of George Harrison

How to dance to your soul – Live: The Life and Music of George Harrison

“A beautiful thing was happening.

My mind was blown.

I had to be a man and be the man I was meant to be.

I said, ‘I’m going to play the music, but I’m going on stage.'”

A few weeks later, he recorded a few songs that were instrumental in turning his career around.

These included “I Need Your Love”, a collaboration with Paul McCartney, and the first single off his self-titled album, “Breath of the World”, which was nominated for the Mercury Prize.

His first solo album, 1971’s I Am the Walrus, reached number two on the Billboard 200.

The title track was an amalgam of acoustic guitar and orchestral flourishes, a classic “bird song” that is now well-known.

It’s also a great anthem for those who want to be free.

Harrison was a keen gardener and his songs were full of ideas about how the garden should look.

It also led him to a career as a singer-songwriter, including on The Beatles’ Abbey Road.

His career also included a number of solo albums, including 1978’s The Magic Whip, which became the first Beatles album to sell more than 1 million copies.

The follow-up, 1977’s Abbey Road II, went on to be one of the greatest selling albums of all time.

The first time I saw him was at the height of the Beatles’ success.

He was wearing a suit and a tie, looking as if he’d just stepped out of a nightclub, and it was just so exciting to be there with him.

I was very happy.

He told me that he loved to dance and to play music.

He had this great sense of humour and was very down to earth.

He loved to drink and smoke, and when he was a boy he played guitar in a band called The Magic Whips.

He died at his home in Dublin on June 21, 2012.

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