Dellos D-Studio: Glen Dance Studio’s Dance Tech Studios

Dellos D-Studio: Glen Dance Studio’s Dance Tech Studios

Dellos Dance Tech has partnered with GLEN Dance Studio, a dance studio in California, to offer dancers with dance training a new platform to make their work more engaging.

The company is creating a platform called GlenDance that will help dancers and their trainers create a deeper, more immersive and creative dance experience, said Doug Ellington, founder and CEO of Dellos.

The platform will include an integrated online community, support and tutorials, which will enable dancers to share their work with their peers.

The platform also includes training videos that will allow dancers to work on specific aspects of their skills.

GlenDancer, which is owned by the Glendale Dance Company, was created by a team of four people, Ellingwood said.

The Glendale team includes dancers, producers, choreographers, dancers and choreographers of all levels of experience and experience levels.

The team will be based in Los Angeles and New York City, and will be responsible for all content creation.

Ellington said the Glen dance team will offer classes in choreography, choreography education, production and live performance, as well as other courses that provide dancers with the opportunity to improve their skills and improve their performances.

Dellos Dance tech will offer training videos, such as those provided by the company, and lessons from professional dancers.

Ellingbrooks team will also provide tutorials on choreography and choreography equipment and tools.

The team will create an app and website for the platform.

The app will provide information about the Glens dance studio and will help users discover new training programs, he said.

Glendalance was founded in 2009 by Ellingwoods dance studio partner, Laura Dominguez, and other partners.

The company has worked with dance studios around the world including LA, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Paris.

The organization also offers dance training programs in Los Angles, New Jersey, Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Glendale Dance has received more than $30 million in funding from Google Ventures, Capital One Ventures and Google Ventures.

The group’s board includes directors including co-founder and CEO and former Google Ventures CEO Steve Jurvetson, CEO of Microsoft Ventures, and former Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg.

GlenaDance has partnered up with Microsoft Ventures to invest in the company.

In September, Microsoft Ventures invested in GlenaDancing.

Ealington said that in the past, the Glendalas goal was to help people learn dance in a fun and exciting environment.

They’re working on a platform that will make this more accessible, he added.

The first class of Glendale dancers will begin training with the company in mid-November.

The training will last between four to six weeks and include training videos and a classroom where they will work on a range of dance skills, Ealington explained.

The project is part of the Dellos partnership with GLENDALADE.

Evaluating the platform in terms of its potential to enhance the quality of life of dance teachers, Elington said, is important to the company and the dancers.

Glengaldance will also be available to dance instructors through a collaboration with the Dellas own Dance Training Center.

The Dance Training center offers training courses for dancers in a variety of dance styles and skill levels.

The partnership with Dellos, he noted, will allow Dellos to bring the Glengaldances unique dance experience to a wider audience, especially as the dance industry matures.

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