‘Momentum Dance Studio’ to open in Dublin – RTE

‘Momentum Dance Studio’ to open in Dublin – RTE

Motion is moving in the world of dance, and there are a lot of studios popping up around the world, but what happens when you want to combine the magic of dance with a music platform?

With Momentum Dance Studios, you can take your dance to the next level.

This studio was founded by the award-winning dance studio producer and DJ, Nuno Santos.

“I’m really excited about this studio because it’s about making music that people can dance to and dance to dance,” Santos said.

“It’s not a dance studio.

It’s a dance platform.

And that’s where I come in.”

The studio has two floors, which is where the creative energy will be focussed, and the second floor is where they will be mixing, recording, and mixing their music.

Motion is not the only dance studio in Dublin with a dance floor, with another studio called Motion and Dance studios in the city’s west, as well as a few in the south of Ireland, including Co Limerick.

“Dublin is home to a large dance scene that is well-respected internationally, but I think the people who are really excited are the people from Ireland, because they see the quality of dance they can create,” Santos added.

“In Ireland, people think of dance studios as being ‘dance-y’, but I’m not talking about that in Dublin.

It doesn’t mean that every studio is ‘dense’.

But it’s a bit like a house, and it’s not just a place where you play music.”

In the future, Santos is hoping to open up new studios in Dublin and beyond, adding that “Dubble City is a great location for me because it has a lot more diversity than any other place in the United Kingdom, and so we’re looking to bring something that people from all over the world can find, so that people are able to have a good experience at this studio.”

Momentum will be in Dublin for the first two months of 2017, and will then be expanding its footprint further.

“We are really proud of the success of this project and want to continue to bring people together through dance.

We are going to expand our footprint in Dublin, we will be opening more studios, and we want to keep bringing the people together,” Santos explained.

“That’s why we decided to open a studio here in Dublin.”

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