How dance studios use drones to boost revenue

How dance studios use drones to boost revenue


(AP) – A dance studio is turning to drones for help boosting revenue and boosting the morale of workers who are in the throes of the flu season.

The Tallahassee-based dance studio in partnership with a small nonprofit is using drones to collect data about the dance floor, help improve worker morale and keep track of sales, said Tony Carbone, president of the Tallahasse Dance Studio.

The studio also uses robots to make sure dancers don’t slip or fall while dancing, Carbone said.

In Florida, the state has the nation’s highest flu vaccination rate, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says more than 3 million people are sickened with flu this season.

The flu virus can be deadly.

Drone sales in the state are growing faster than other states, with Florida leading the way with about $30 million in drone sales last year.

The state is also home to a number of startups and tech companies trying to turn drones into a more lucrative revenue source.

The most popular are drone companies like DJI, whose founder, Sir Richard Branson, said he is launching a new company called DroneIQ to bring drones into schools, hospitals and more.

More drones could also help make dance studios more efficient, Carbonne said.

Drones could also be a way to bring more people to the dance floors and create a buzz for the studio.

In the past, the Tallawassee dance studio has used drones to monitor dance floor activity, but now they’re looking for ways to increase sales.

They want to make the drones more accessible and to allow dancers to share their performance videos online, Carbo said.

“We have a whole bunch of data on every dance floor.

That could be an opportunity to increase the engagement of the dancers,” Carbone added.

A drone could also make the studio more productive, since they need to work through a process of training the drones and testing them out on the dancefloor.

“It would be great to have them in the building and have them check the drones out and then they have a real test,” Carbo added.

The drone industry has exploded in the last two years as companies like Amazon, Google, DJI and others have developed drones that can be used in a wide range of industries, including aviation, healthcare, retail and even for surveillance.

But some dance studios, including Tallahase, worry that drones could be a distraction to workers who need to be around other people during the flu pandemic.

The dance studio was formed in 2006 and has now grown to include 20 people.

Carbone and company say the drone boom has made them more efficient and has allowed them to create more products and services, such as dance lessons and video production.

“The people who are working on these products are in high demand, and that means they want the best and they want it to be done quickly and in a way that’s convenient and safe for them,” Carbonn said.

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