Dana’s Dance Studio is closed,but the dance studio’s owners are hopeful to reopen

Dana’s Dance Studio is closed,but the dance studio’s owners are hopeful to reopen

DANA HAGGERSTEIN, PRESENTER: DANA HERBERT’S dance studio was closed for a week after a fire, and now her husband is worried about the safety of the staff.

And it all started on Saturday when the fire started in a dance studio at a cafe.

DANA HARBERT: It’s a very busy dance studio.

It’s one of the most famous dance studios in the world.

And for some reason it’s also been closed for seven days.

So, there’s a lot of people in the building.

So we were kind of just worried.

So I just kind of put the building up for sale and just let the sale go and see what happens.

DANAH: The owners of the dance studios hope to reopen the dance room this weekend.

And DANA’S DAUGHTER: I think it’s going to be great.

We are going to see the staff again.

We’ve just been waiting for this for seven weeks.

DANIEL JONES, DAUGHTS CLUB: I just don’t know how we can survive this, but it’s something that we have to deal with.

Dana and her husband are still looking for a new dance studio to reopen.

DANTE DUTTON: We’ve been doing our own thing and it’s working and I think we’re going to try and do it again this weekend and we are just hoping that we can get the staff back together again and we can go on a bit more like we used to.


I’ve got a baby, I’m pregnant, and I don’t think I’ve seen the sun in a while.

And I feel like I’m just gonna be here, but then I think, oh God, I’ve lost my husband.

I don’s the same anymore.

DANNIE LEE: I don`t know what else to say.

I can`t even describe it.

It`s just like my mind is so scrambled, I can hardly think.

DANYA HAGERSTEIN: And so what happened?

DANA: The dance studio has been closed since Friday and the owners say the cause is unknown.

DANGEROUS CHALLENGES: I`ve been in the dance business for 20 years, so it is just like you`re going to lose something, and it`s something that you can`ve lost in the business.

And so you have to sort of find your footing.

But the sad part is, I think I have to have somebody else to help me, because I`m just so broke, I have so much debt.

And when I`ll be broke, when I lose my job, I`d be like, I don,t want to be a dancer.

DAD ROGERS: This is just a very sad day for us all, for the staff and for our customers, and we`ll never be able to be back.

DIANA HACKEY: I have a lot on my mind, and so I`re just trying to stay positive, keep my spirits up, keep the staff focused and make sure that everything is OK and that I can get back to dancing and doing what I love to do.

DANDY WALKER: It`ll take a little while for the dance rooms to reopen, but DANA has already begun working with the dance club’s management to reopen a dance floor.

And she`s optimistic that she will be able reopen by the end of the week.

DANCING LEGEND: I know the doors have been shut down, but I think everybody is gonna come out and have a great time.

DANSAN BECKER: And I`ma be there.

I`am gonna be there, too.

And hopefully, this will be a great place to do some shows and some shows, and some more shows, until they reopen the rest of the building and then we will start again.

But, it`ll not be a dance hall again.

DUSTIN WALKERS: There`s a lot more that needs to be done, and the dance hall`s going to need to be reopened.

DANCE RACES: It feels like this has just been a huge disaster.

DADE WATSON: This has been a great loss, a great tragedy.

And now we have got to get back on the right track.

But we are really going to have to put a lot to work in order to get the dance floor back up and running again, and make it a really great place for people to come and go, to be able dance, to go to a restaurant, and to have a night out.

DASHIR HASSAN: I really hope the

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