See who’s dancing the best in Hollywood

See who’s dancing the best in Hollywood

DANCE studio aesthetic is one of the most recognizable dance styles in the United States.

This year, the Los Angeles Dance Theatre Company and The Dance Academy are teaming up to create a new program to highlight the work of the top dance professionals from around the world.

“Our hope is to showcase and promote the art of dance from all corners of the globe,” said Sarah Griesemer, Dance Academy executive director and CEO.

“We hope to show off a collection of great dance moves from around our world, and showcase the talent of the dance studios and dance academies that make this art possible.”

The Dance Studio Art series is an initiative of the Los Angelas Dance Theatre.

The series is the result of the partnership between the Los Angles Dance Theatre and The Disney Company, and the LA Dance Theatre is also a partner of the Disney Parks and Resorts.

The inaugural program features performances by world-renowned dance studios, as well as the LA Academy of Dance, a leading dance academy in the world, in a showcase of world-class dance from around its globe.

The first show is currently on in the LA Arena, and more will be announced over the coming months.

The Dance Studios Art series, which has a $10,000 goal, will be a two-week program and will include six months of classes at three LA Dance studios, each of which will host at least one dance class.

“Dance studios are a unique and unique profession, and we hope that this series will help promote the work and creativity of these professionals, while showcasing the diversity of dance styles,” said Griesem.

“This series will be produced by the LA DTS, and will feature a diverse cast of dance professionals and a selection of choreographers, including international dance teachers, as guests.”

The LA Dance Studio Arts series is a new initiative to showcase the work that dance studios around the globe are doing to create beautiful and unique performances, which will make the worlds dance world a better place.

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