How to name your own dance studio in Australia

How to name your own dance studio in Australia

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“The ABC has confirmed it has received information from the ABC and the ABC Digital team that an online poll of dance studios has been launched in Australia, and that over the past week, the number of submissions has increased by a further 10,000.

In total, more than 6,500 dance studios have registered to take part in the online poll.

The ABC’s director of dance, performance, media and interactive media, James Stewart, said the poll was a response to the growing popularity of the dance genre in Australia.”

There’s a huge number of people who want to get involved in dance and want to see how they can get involved, and I think the dance industry is very exciting,” he said.”

We’ve got a lot of dance students coming into the industry and I’d encourage them to look into it as a career path.

“But Dance University, which is hosting the online dance poll, said it was not running the poll to support a specific business.”

This is purely an online survey and not an advertisement for any specific business,” Mr Stewart said.

Dr Stewart said the online survey was the first time the ABC had conducted an online dance survey.”

Dance is one of the oldest genres of music and one of its most significant genres of popularity and we have a number of artists who are using the term dance in their songs, so it’s not really a new term for us,” he told News.”

The fact that there is this huge amount of interest in this is great and it’s good for the industry.

“But we’re not promoting a particular business or any particular dance studio.”

The online poll will run until March 10, and the final results will be published on Tuesday.

The online dance industry has grown exponentially in recent years, with the number in Australia currently estimated to be between 30,000 and 40,000 people.

In 2016, the industry produced $1.3 billion in revenue, with more than 4,500 companies producing more than 50 per cent of the industry’s revenue.

In 2017, the Dance University of Australia (DUA) reported it had lost $1 million in revenue.

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