When Apple releases the next Apple TV, it’ll be the most advanced home theater system ever built

Apple has been quietly building a giant home theater setup that will compete with the likes of Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, and other home theater systems that can play all your home theater-based audio content.The new Apple TV comes with a $1,000 processor, four 8-watt speakers, and a built-in 3D sound module that can be connected to an external soundbar.Apple […]

How to get free gigs in India

Dancers are being told they have to pay for a studio and dance floor in the city to earn money.A government move to shut down dance studios and other dance businesses is making it difficult for people to earn enough money to buy clothes and other basic essentials.The move came after some cities introduced a cap on the number of […]

A New Day’s Dance Studio 111 is Back, This Time With A Different Album Cover

A new day’s dance studio, a new day.That’s what the cover of DJ-Tune’s new album, A New Today, says.The song’s first single is a cover of D’Angelo’s “Sugar Shack” from the soundtrack of the animated Disney film Mulan.A new era has dawned.A time of dancing, singing and dance.The record will be available March 22 on the label’s website, DJTune.com.D’Antonio also […]

How to make a dance studio for yourself

Dancers are the best-paid in the world, and the best performing at their own studios, according to a new study from consultancy McKinsey & Company.The study, based on interviews with over 100 dancers, found that the average salary for a top-performing dancer is $1.5 million, with the highest-paid at $3.6 million.But it found that there are no rules about what […]

Corona dance studios best dance studio

The Corona Dance Studio has been named one of the Best Dance studios in India.The company, founded in 2009 by Ashok Khera, is the largest and best-known dance studio in the country.Corona is the third dance studio to be named one by the prestigious Indian Dance Magazine.The magazine awards Best Dance Studio and Best Performance in India each year.Coronacom, the […]

How to become a better dancer in three weeks

The three weeks leading up to the 2016 election were full of stories about how the Republican Party had lost its way and how its candidates would be forced to confront their own shortcomings.That story has now been fully vindicated, thanks to a new study by The Leadership Institute, a nonprofit that focuses on the future of American politics.The study, […]

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