The best dance studio in Pittsburgh

The best dancing studio in the city is located right here in the heart of the city’s Downtown Pittsburgh.The Pittsburgh Dance Studios are the place to go for live performance and all-ages programming.They’re home to a wide variety of live and recorded performances, with a focus on DJs and choreographers who can provide the most diverse set of dance styles […]

How to make a Broadway play with a dance studio

You’ve probably heard of a show like “Hamilton” and you’ve probably wondered how it works.The story goes that a group of rich people set up a dance production company to sell Broadway tickets, but it was actually all about how they could sell their music to the masses, according to The Next Week.The company, known as “Broadway Dance Studio,” is […]

A Dance Studio in Los Angeles: Corona Dance Studio

Posted January 14, 2018 09:10:46 The Corona dance studios in Hollywood and Culver City, California, are one of the hottest dance studios on the west coast.The Coronas were built by the late Al Pacino in the early 70s.They are located in the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles.The first Coronacas were opened in 1974 by James Collins, who also owned […]

How to fix a bad email inbox

An email inbox that contains too many emails may have gotten worse, and the problem may have been caused by a software update.Recode reports that the company is now working to find out what caused the problem.The company says it discovered an issue with Outlook 2016 that could have caused the email inbox to become “worse” if a user deleted […]

How to get your kids to dance on the beach

The world’s beaches are a big deal.So big that a small company called Glen Dance Studio wants to take it to a whole new level.Glen Dance has built a system called Wave-O-Matic, which uses a computer-generated wave-form to replicate the natural movement of waves on the ocean floor.Its goal is to create a virtual reality experience for kids of all […]

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