What I Learned from a Trip to Dance Studios

A trip to dance studios is a dream come true for any dance producer.The place to learn how to make your own dance sounds and choreograph a dance.I found myself on a very creative and creative journey while traveling through Europe, America, and Japan.I have been on countless dance production and performance tours throughout the world, and have learned so […]

When the Devil Calls

Title When the devil calls, I’ll be there!article The Lad bible is a bible on dance, music, and the world that is published by The Lad Publishing Company.The Lad is a weekly bible for the online community of Lad subscribers.The bible covers topics such as the best dance studio in the country, tips on getting the most out of your […]

How to make a dance studio for yourself

Dancers are the best-paid in the world, and the best performing at their own studios, according to a new study from consultancy McKinsey & Company.The study, based on interviews with over 100 dancers, found that the average salary for a top-performing dancer is $1.5 million, with the highest-paid at $3.6 million.But it found that there are no rules about what […]

DREAMCAST: Dreamcast Pro Tools 11 and DSP Studio 2

The new Pro Tools DSP plugin features a new workflow, so the developers added a new way to control playback speed and how fast the plugins’ effects can change. “We’ve got a new playback speed setting that you can set to either -1 or -1.5,” developer Scott Lopatkin said in a developer blog post.“When you play, you can choose how fast […]

The Dance Studio 9: Design and Playground Dance studio

Designers, designers, designers.That’s a big part of the equation when it comes to creating a good DJ booth.We want to create a place where people feel comfortable, where they feel like they’re at home, and where the DJs feel they are part of that community.That can be a bit difficult in the past, but in the modern world, it’s much […]

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