How to play the step dance studio with a step sequencer

How to use a step sequencing app for dance studios article Step Sequencing App for Dance Studio Pro – Step Sequencer Step Sequencers are great.With Step Sequences, you can set the tempo and tempo range of your step sequencers, change the timing of the beats, and create rhythmic patterns.But, Step Sequenced apps can be really useful for DJing, live DJing […]

Christian Dance studio is shutting down

Posted November 11, 2018 08:06:18The Christian Dance Studio in Melbourne is shutting its doors.The company, which has been in business for more than 25 years, said in a statement on Thursday that it was closing its doors because of the ongoing financial crisis.“Our business is experiencing significant challenges with our financial position and the loss of our primary revenue stream,” […]

How to watch the eclipse with a pair of glasses

When you’re at home, don’t get a bad picture of the sun and the moon, because that’s because the moon will pass through your glasses.But when you’re outdoors, and your telescope is set to capture the full eclipse, it might be the best bet.So we’ve put together a guide to the best places to watch it.But first, we’ve rounded up […]

India’s new dance studio: An explosion of creativity

The launch of a new dance company, which was supposed to spark a boom in the country’s dance scene, has failed to create an impact on the industry.The company was founded by a duo of sisters and their business partner, Nirmal Kaur, in 2013.Their mission statement, which stated their aim to create “an international dance studio for the empowerment of […]

How to get a hip-hop dance studio to hire you

A lot of hip-hoppers have struggled to find work in dance studios.Dolce Dance Studio, for example, says it has lost a million dollars a year.Rapper Lil Yachty says he is a victim of discrimination.“I’m not a black man, I’m a woman, and I’m in a dance studio and they want to hire a black woman,” he said in an interview […]

Why do you hate dancing?

After spending time with several of my friends over the past few weeks, I realized that one of the most frequent complaints I heard about dancing was that it’s hard.I’ve heard this a few times myself: dancing is hard because you’re just not good enough.Or worse, you’re not good at dancing at all.The only way you’re good at dance is […]

J-Dog and J-Dub duo set to release new album

The duo of J-D Dance Studio and JD Studio have announced the release of a new album called J-Eyes.It’s due for release on March 1.J-Dog has always been a passionate artist and his career has taken him around the world.He’s played in clubs across the globe and in the UK, where he is best known for being featured on the […]

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