How to get a ‘dance party’ in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (NEWS24) The LA Dance studio may be famous for their hip-hop, hip-hops and a bunch of other funky music but it is not without its fair share of controversy.In fact, they may be the reason why people were surprised to see this hip-hoppers dance studio opened on the edge of the city.We have been talking about this LA […]

New dance studio: ‘The Premier’ with Chris Brown

Elegant Dance Studio has teamed up with the Premier Dance Studio, a company dedicated to helping dance professionals achieve their dreams.The Premier Dance studio will be located at The Palace Hotel in London’s Knightsbridge and is an exclusive facility for dancers who are able to make the leap to the top of their craft.The dance studio is home to world-class […]

How to Make a Dance Video for a TV Show

How to make a dance video for a television show is something that has to be done in a very specific way.You need to make it something that will not just be a choreography, but something that is really unique to your character.That means that the music is going to have to be unique, the lighting is going have to […]

Why you shouldn’t dance in mirrors

Dance studios can be pretty creepy.A person walking in from the street can be just as creepy as a person in a mirror.And there are no safe zones for people to perform their own dance routines.So what if there are mirrors around?What if people are looking at you?What do you do?The answer is simple: You can’t dance there.It’s the mirror’s […]

How to create a beautiful, high-energy dance video using a combination of grace dance and dance moves

In the latest episode of our weekly video series, “How to Create a Beautiful, High-Energy Dance Video Using a Combination of Grace Dance and Dance Moves,” we’ll take a look at the best ways to incorporate grace dance into a video that will help make it dance-ready and performable.First, let’s talk about grace dance.In our episode, “Steps to Step: Grace […]

What I Learned from a Trip to Dance Studios

A trip to dance studios is a dream come true for any dance producer.The place to learn how to make your own dance sounds and choreograph a dance.I found myself on a very creative and creative journey while traveling through Europe, America, and Japan.I have been on countless dance production and performance tours throughout the world, and have learned so […]

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